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About me

I am a media practitioner with a special focus on journalism, freelance writing and I am still trying to find my way in the digital marketing arena. I like calling myself the VISION PUSHER because my ultimate goal is to write with fascination, problem solving thus fuelling my passion for bettering myself as well as the world around me. Besides being a creative writer with lots of manuscripts lol, I cut my teeth writing for The Entrepreneurial Magazine and I am the current editor. Additionally am a project coordinator for Atcumbre Publishers trust me there is nothing more inspiring than sitting down with fellow writers as they communicate their desires thus entrusting us with telling their story. Through learning the combination of literary and digital marketing am on a mission to help businesses to tap into their imaginations so that they can build better brands, connect with their customers and share better stories. I believe that there is authority in your voice, your work should be influential and you deserve words magnetic enough to turn your readers into clients that you have been dreaming about. For that reason I have been working with the award winning website hosting, domain registration, website development company, Pnrhost and OzoneBlack a branding company that creates a powerful connection between you and your customers, be sure to like, follow their pages so that you can be up to date with the services that they offer. In consistence with my career objectives, I am looking forward to collaborating with Spettaq Private Limited a company that is into business development, strategic communication, marketing research etc I am the Public relations officer of Africa Online & Publications Library an Afrocentric organisation that is built on the premise to increase visibility, accessibility and usage of research material across Africa. We are currently inviting researchers across the world to submit research articles on various disciplines which I will share in the comment section. I was privileged to be part of the production team for two shows on 3Ktv Zimbabwe namely The Diplomat Couch and People n Earth. During that 3 months-tenure I discovered that I have strengths in coming up with concepts, script writing and coordination of programs. Lastly, I am a certified Wikipedia editor which means I can create and edit profiles on Wikipedia and empowered to write in an encyclopaedic tone. My name is Amanda-Ellen Nicola Jojo, I believe in pushing visions, am responsive, a team player and detail-oriented so tell me how can we work together?